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Pug Bainter said something that sounded like:
>   Would people like to help flush out a brewing, vintning and cordials
>   guideline?

  I did a first brush of this. (The easy parts.) Any comments? After
  all, I've never presented nor been judged, so those of you whom have
  probably have better ideas.

  It's not broken up into the sub-sub categories, since I think besides
  the Workmanship and Quality areas, they can be pretty much the same. I
  think these could just be attachments to the general form.

  *I* am of the opinion that if you have a primary source, there is no
  need for 3 sources. Getting it straight from the horses mouth should
  be good enough for most things in brewing and vintning. B&V, as well as
  cooking, are usually reproducing recipes and not trying to reproduce
  a look and feel of something material.

  The extra sources would be relevant if the person goes heavily into
  Complexity and Authenticity. (Ie. growing period plants, using a
  cask, etc) Since I don't see much of that happening, I don't know that
  it matters for *most* entries.

  (Nudges the Laurels.)

  Btw, does anyone know if cordials are supposed to fall under this
  category or if it has its own? Are they supposed to be "Specialty
  Beverages" or "Other"?


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Category: Domestic Arts, Sub-category: Brewing and Vintning

 Description/purpose (What the entry is and its uses)
 Period/locale (When and where this sort of item would have been made.)
 Materials & techniques used in period
 Materials & techniques used to produce entry (include justification for
any substitution of materials or departure from period technique)
-list at least 3 sources
-list at least one "primary" source
 Attachments (Supply at least one photocopy or photo of
pertinent/applicable  period examples, recipes, patterns, etc.)

Is there a clear glass present in order to view the color and clarity as
well as to smell the bouquet and aroma of the entry? Are crackers,
bread and/or cheese present to help clear the palate before sampling to
ensure a clean tasting of the entry? Are enough taster cups available to
allow each individual judging to have his own? Are the bottles clean and
labeled as to their content?

Includes consideration for level of involvement, creativity in project
extrapolation, execution, etc. Is this from all-grain, fruit and/or fresh
hops? Did the individual crack their own grain, pick or grow their own
fruit, harvest their own honey, etc? Is this from wild yeast or cultivated?
Was it aged in an appropriate container?


[ I think this needs to have pretty extensive documentation on how to
  judge brewing/vintning. Things to include are odors, flavors,
  carbonation, color, clarity, etc.  Although the Caid forms are nice,
  having something in English is better. ]

Validity of entry/project as a period recreation. The authenticity of the
entry/project should be adequately addressed and supported in the
documentation. Are there examples of this specific style of entry within
the time period addressed within the SCA or the competition?

Were materials used to produce the entry that are appropriate to the
entry's period? If non-period materials have been used, is there adequate
justification for any such substitution or deviation? Materials
authenticity should be adequately addressed and supported in the

Were techniques used to produce the entry appropriate to the entry's
period? If non-period techniques were used, is adequate justification shown
for any such substitution or departure? Technique authenticity should be
addressed and supported in the documentation.

How well does entry represent its period counterpart(s) and fulfill its
function and aesthetic concerns of its period?

[ Examples of the workmanship items for each style would be a good idea
  for those judges who do not know the style presented. As well, just
  because the judge doesn't like it, doesn't mean it's not a good example
  of the style. In most cases we can't judge it against period styles
  since we don't have enough information. ]

OVERALL IMPRESSION (Judges discretion)
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