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Wed May 6 10:47:48 PDT 1998

On Wed, 6 May 1998 07:13:44 -0500 (CDT) "Pug Bainter" <pug at>
>Category: Domestic Arts, Sub-category: Brewing and Vintning
> Description/purpose (What the entry is and its uses)
> Period/locale (When and where this sort of item would have been 
> Materials & techniques used in period
> Materials & techniques used to produce entry (include justification 
>any substitution of materials or departure from period technique)
> Sources
>-list at least 3 sources
>-list at least one "primary" source
> Attachments (Supply at least one photocopy or photo of
>pertinent/applicable  period examples, recipes, patterns, etc.)
>Is there a clear glass present in order to view the color and clarity 
>well as to smell the bouquet and aroma of the entry? Are crackers,
>bread and/or cheese present to help clear the palate before sampling 
>ensure a clean tasting of the entry? Are enough taster cups available 
>allow each individual judging to have his own? Are the bottles clean 
>labeled as to their content?

Should the entry be cooled to bring the temperature down to a european
room/cellar temperature?

>Includes consideration for level of involvement, creativity in project
>extrapolation, execution, etc. Is this from all-grain, fruit and/or 
>hops? Did the individual crack their own grain, pick or grow their own
>fruit, harvest their own honey, etc? Is this from wild yeast or 
>Was it aged in an appropriate container?

>[ I think this needs to have pretty extensive documentation on how to
>  judge brewing/vintning. Things to include are odors, flavors,
>  carbonation, color, clarity, etc.  Although the Caid forms are nice,
>  having something in English is better. ]

>Validity of entry/project as a period recreation. The authenticity of 
>entry/project should be adequately addressed and supported in the
>documentation. Are there examples of this specific style of entry 
>the time period addressed within the SCA or the competition?

>Were materials used to produce the entry that are appropriate to the
>entry's period? If non-period materials have been used, is there 
>justification for any such substitution or deviation? Materials
>authenticity should be adequately addressed and supported in the
>Were techniques used to produce the entry appropriate to the entry's
>period? If non-period techniques were used, is adequate justification 
>for any such substitution or departure? Technique authenticity should 
>addressed and supported in the documentation.
>How well does entry represent its period counterpart(s) and fulfill 
>function and aesthetic concerns of its period?
>[ Examples of the workmanship items for each style would be a good 
>  for those judges who do not know the style presented. As well, just
>  because the judge doesn't like it, doesn't mean it's not a good 
>  of the style. In most cases we can't judge it against period styles
>  since we don't have enough information. ]
>OVERALL IMPRESSION (Judges discretion)

Is this what all A/S entries have to go through?,  if so I think I will
pass on SCA entries and go with home brew competitions, or just say the
heck with competions and enjoy.


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