BVC - was and anglo saxons

Rob vidhead at
Wed May 6 22:00:15 PDT 1998

I have a recipe for Heather ale. it uses heather flowers and bogg myrtle() .
bogg myrtle is also know as sweet gail (sp?). the bogg myrtle is the
bittering agent. you don't use any hops in this ale. So sir dolan next time
you come to see me ask me about it. :)

If anyone know where I can get bogg myrtle please let me know. I still have
a pound or two of heather flowers.

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>>Anyone interest in a brief report on brewing by anglo saxons?
>Yes, please, I was under the impression that hops were post period and
>that my research would have to find a bittering/preservative agent in
>Sir Doran
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