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Thu May 7 05:22:59 PDT 1998

Dennis J Dolan said something that sounded like:
> Should the entry be cooled to bring the temperature down to a european
> room/cellar temperature?

Thank you. I added this. Well, I changed it slightly to:

Is it chilled to an appropriate temperature for the style, locale and season?

I added season since some drinks are for summer and some for winter.
This makes a huge difference in temperature in an non-climate controlled

> Is this what all A/S entries have to go through?

To be honest, there has been not a whit of consistancy to date in
judging. I *assume* this is why the Laurels are working on informatino
like this.

If you noticed, the information given was guidelines to high scores, not
requirements to enter. As well, despite there being lots of information,
there is no actual scoring guideline. It's still not an unbiased judging
form, but it's a start.

Personally, I'd like to see the Workmanship and Quality sections worked
on and be the focus of Brewing/Vintning judging. Then give bonus points
for the other areas. (With brewing/vintning, the outcome for a
competition entry should be drinkable and of reasonable quality for the
style no matter how you did it.)

Of course if the requirement for the competition is "period", then they
have to be able to atleast reasonably justify why their entry is period.
Simple logic that some use such as "Peaches are period, Wine is period,
therefore Peach Wine is period" doesn't float with me. (Rats are period,
Beer is period, therefore Rat Beer is period!)

> if so I think I will
> pass on SCA entries and go with home brew competitions, or just say the
> heck with competions and enjoy.

We've entered one home brew competition with our mead. Unfortunately it
got entered in the wrong category so we got scored down. We still placed
3rd if I remember right. (Chris?)

I've never entered a SCA competition, although if things get cleaned up
and I get brave, I might think about entering a Laurels' prize, Kingdom
A&S or Gulf War competition. The Kingdom A&S and Gulf War used close
to the same forms this year, which tried to take out the biased-ness
for the judging.  Unfortunately it didn't get implemented quite right.


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