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Thu May 7 06:30:10 PDT 1998

Zymurgy just ran an article that was sort of a brewing timeline... two of the
entries are as follows:

736 AD-Enter the hop (humulus lupulus), a perennial vine related closely to
cannabis and more distantly to the mulberry and morning glory.  Documents
indicate that hop gardens are being cultivated in the Hallertau region of
modern Bavaria.

<other stuff>

1079 AD-The Abess Hildegarde of St. Ruprechtsberg notes the bacteriostatic
power of hops, recording that beer flavored with hops lasts longer than
unhopped beer.  Her Physica Sacra contains the oldest known mention of hops in

Specific sources aren't given for each entry, but here's the list of
references for the article:
100 Years of Brewing, H.S. Rich &Co., 1903
Brewed in America, Stanley Baron, 1962
The Ale Trail, Roger Protz, 1995
The New World Guide to Beers, Michael Jackson, 1988
Prost! The Story of German Beer, Hans Dornsbusch, 1997

Who knows about the completeness of the article, but one could certainly make
a lot of inferences (peaches being period, and so forth).  

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