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Thu May 28 07:00:07 PDT 1998

Good Morning,

  We meet on the first Monday of every month at 7 PM. This meeting is
  on June 1st.

  This month's meeting will involve wine, mead and cider tasting. I
  encourage everyone to bring either 1 bottle of wine, mead or cider
  that they have made or 1 bottle of commercial wine, mead or cider
  that they haven't tried yet. We will try working on the different
  terms used to describe wines, how to tell if it's got an off-flavor
  that is unintentional, etc. Remember, just because you don't like it
  doesn't mean it's not done well.

  In addition, we will be bottling one of the meads that is still
  needing bottled.

  Following months will include making beers and hopefully tasting
  cordials.  We may even do this some weekends over the summer to have
  others join us.

  If anyone has documents that they use for doing this, but can not
  attend the meeting, I would appreciate getting a copy of them! Our
  local guild is *trying* to put together documentation on how to judge
  SCA style competitions.

  Here is a map to help you find your way. It's no way near to any known

  ||                                            ||        .
  ||                                            ||        |\
  ||B               A ||X        |W             ||L     N |
  ||u               rS||---------|o             ||a       |
  ||r               re||Choquette|o             ||m
  ||n               oc||         |d             ||a
  ||e               yo||         |r             ||r
  ||t               o ||         |o             ||
  ||                  ||         |w             ||
  ||                  ||         |              ||
                    Keonig / 2222                  -> To I-35

  The address is 1502 Choquette. The phone number is 323-9722.

  I hope to see you there! (Yes, I know some of you far away can't make it!)


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