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ND Wederstrandt nweders at
Thu May 28 15:19:13 PDT 1998

 I am currently reading a book called Food and Feast in Medieval England by
P.W. Hammond and I found this .....(talking about double and single  ales)
"There was no legal definition of the proper strengths of these ales (or
their successor beers.)  Originally the names must have arisen from the use
of twice the weight of malt for one of the brews, although it could have
been ale or beer made by boiling the "wort" twice as long for one as for
the other.  The interpretation of strength must have varied quite
considerably.  In 1552 the London authorities attempted to enforce the use
of twice as much the malt for double beer by law.  The degree of success is
doubtful, since by 1560 "double-double" beer was being made.  This perhaps
included the beers known as "huffcap", "mad dog", "angel's food" and
"dragon's milk".

Pretty good names for ales and beer.


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