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Thu May 28 18:32:49 PDT 1998

On Wed, 27 May 1998 10:42:23 -0700 "Balldrich BallBarian BoulderBain"
<msca at> writes:
>	Is this forum still alive or has something changed the address 
>and access?
> I would really like to see some new solutions to old problems like
>sterilizing carboys.  Anybody have one?
>	Balldrich
I have been using good ole soap and water (and rags and scouring pads) to
 get the hops out from around the neck  and then let it sit full of water
and about 1/2 cup bleach for a day or so or until needed again(usually
soon as I only have one) rinse with really hot water and a lot of it
(spray), its not steril, but it seems to be working,  (say, Rob, next
time you see my wife, tell her what I great guy I am, and how father's
day is coming.................)  any way thats how I have been doing it,
easier, simpler  *cheaper* I will be glad to hear about it also.

Sir Doran

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