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Brendan McEwan brendan1 at
Sat May 30 07:30:38 PDT 1998

I bought a brush specifically for cleaning car boys. A little soap and
water with this cleans it right out.  For sterilizing, I use about 2
tablespoons of bleach and a couple of gallons of water and rinse well. 
Never had a problem with contamination either.

Don Brendan

Dennis J Dolan wrote:
> On Wed, 27 May 1998 10:42:23 -0700 "Balldrich BallBarian BoulderBain"
> <msca at> writes:
> >       Is this forum still alive or has something changed the address
> >and access?
> > I would really like to see some new solutions to old problems like
> >sterilizing carboys.  Anybody have one?
> >       Balldrich
> I have been using good ole soap and water (and rags and scouring pads) to
>  get the hops out from around the neck  and then let it sit full of water
> and about 1/2 cup bleach for a day or so or until needed again(usually
> soon as I only have one) rinse with really hot water and a lot of it
> (spray), its not steril, but it seems to be working,  (say, Rob, next
> time you see my wife, tell her what I great guy I am, and how father's
> day is coming.................)  any way thats how I have been doing it,
> easier, simpler  *cheaper* I will be glad to hear about it also.
> Sir Doran
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