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Sun Nov 1 12:01:18 PST 1998

Good Morning one and all,

  Laurel's Prize Tourney is only 6 days away.

  Are you ready?
  Do you have your documentation done?
  Do you have your display prepared to be setup?

  In addition to the wonderful arts being displayed and performed at
  LPT, there will also be a Brewing/Vintning Round Table. At this table
  we will discuss:
  1) Judging within the Kingdom - what we want and what we don't.
  2) Laws of the land - SCA and mundane
  3) Resources to draw upon - including mailing lists, websites and if
     we want a Kingdom-wide guild
  4) Open discussion

  I hope to see all of the artists at LPT, and I hope to see all of
  those people interested in brewing or vintning to attend the round


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  Note: The views do not reflect the SCA nor the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
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