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Mon Nov 9 06:07:43 PST 1998

Good Morning one and all,

  I'd like to thank everyone that joined the round table to discuss
  topics. I'm sorry that it got cut short. That was my own fault for not
  paying closer attention to the time.

  I think that things were very encouraging and the discussions went
  well. We will just have to figure out how to move forward from here.

  For those unable to attend the main hand-out can be found at:

  This is an unfortunate straight translation from Word right now, and
  it will be cleaned up later. As well, the letters form the different
  government organizations will need to be scanned in for inclusion.

  For those not there, the basic discussions were a quick cover of the
  laws of the land. Basically to let you know what laws you are
  breaking *if* you are. The fact is that these are rarely enforced by
  the agencies that enforce them, but it's important to know the letter
  of the law.

  Beyond that, we discussed how we should be trying to judge and how to
  encourage people in the artform. We are going to try and start a
  single double sided page that will cover the basics of a good entry
  with some of the tell-tale signs to look for in a bad entry. This is
  something that is small enough to carry around and give to others, and
  is no where near as detailed as the AHA guidelines nor as strict.

  One point brought up, and I think we should try to encourage this
  more, was that when we start judging, we should find 2 or 3 people who
  have not done it before or whom are interested in doing it and educate
  them and have them assist. This is where the cheat-sheet comes in
  great to help quickly educate and to allow them to look back at.

  Another concept that was brought up was the possibility of doing a
  Collegium to help educate people in this artform, and possibly in
  association with cooking as well since they are related. My lady and I
  tried to hash out some of the details that would be needed to do this,
  but honestly didn't know about a site that would work for it. What do
  people think would be desirable for a site that would hold a Collegium
  for brewing, vinting and possibly cooking? How much hands on areas
  would be needed? How much can be outside?

  We unfortunately did not get to the topic of Kingdom-wide resources,
  such as this list, that would could work on to help get the word out
  to those who need it.

  Where do we go from here? How do we go forward?


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