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Tue Nov 10 06:23:56 PST 1998

Good Morning,

  One of the things in the Round Table notes was mention of linking to
  other webpages to have a central location to find them all. I would
  like to encourage those people in the Kingdom of Ansteorra to submit
  those webpages by our populace that they know of that are related to
  brewing and vintning.

  I unfortunately am limiting this to those people in Ansteorra and
  those that the author gives explicit permission to. I want to try and
  promote our artisans, but only with their permission.

  This collection of webpages will be found at:

  The brewing handbook will have links to out of Kingdom guilds, other
  related reference materials, etc. If you submit something for that, I
  will see about including it where it is appropriate.


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