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Tue Nov 10 15:19:17 PST 1998

eric mauer (eric.mauer-next at said something that sounded like:
> First of all, we need to work on the judging guidelines
> we talked about. Pug-can you repost our take on the judging form so we can  
> work on what a judge needs to know...

I will post them tomorrow. I had a very hectic day, which included the

> Second, we need to see if there's interest in starting a kingdom wide guild.  
> To that end, I'd like to see a mailing list of brewers in kingdom (not just  
> those on line).

So would I. I think a newsletter could *eventually* come out of it.

> I'm volunteering to put together an initial mailing after our competition at  
> Candlemas. If you know someone who brews
> who isn't on this list, send their address to me (at: tuhtahl at,  
> and I'll add them to the database.
> Pug-maybe a sign up form with the website?

I was already working on this, and should have it completed tomorrow. It
will include the ability to say if you want to include it in an on-line
version of the database or only an off-line one.

I was going to include:

SCA Name
SCA Group
Mundane name
Postal Address
EMail Address
Phone Number
Interests (ie. brewing, vintning, cordials, judging, all-grain, etc)

Is there more information we should be including?

Part of what I'd like to see this directory used for, in addition to
mailings, is the ability to have local contacts for people who are
looking to get started or needing help. As well, it will help those people
who don't know about each other within a single group. (Hopefully this
will happen less often over time.)


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