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Thu Nov 12 06:40:14 PST 1998

Good Morning

  This missive is being sent to a wide group of individuals. I apologize
  for those people who receive this message more than once.

  Some of the brewers/vintners who are on-line have been working
  towards making information available to those people who would be
  interested. There is a webpage with information that might be of
  interest to those in these fields of studies. This webpage is still
  growing and being added to regularly. It can be found at:

  As well, there is the start of an on-line directory of brewers',
  vintners' and cordialers that can be found at:

  This also has a link to add your information to the directory.

  This directory will be used to allow other people with similar interests
  who might be near you to get in contact with you. This will allow for
  an easy transfer of information when it is needed and/or desirable.

  As well, in the future it is planned to do an actual mailing of
  useful information to the people within the directory.

  If you are unable to use the webpage to submit your information,
  please send mail to pug at with:

SCA Name
SCA Region
SCA Group
Mundane name
Postal Address
EMail Address
Phone Number
Interests (ie. brewing, vintning, cordials, judging, all-grain, etc)
On-line publication of information or off-line only

  Please forward this information to people who you think will benefit
  from it. If you know someone who is not on-line and would benefit
  from being included, please forward this information on to them as
  well. (My phone number is 512-323-9722.)

  I hope that we are able to start better serving the brewing community
  with services such as this. The art, ourselves, and the Kingdom will
  all benefit from us having better communication.

In Service,

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