BVC - Zarkon?

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Fri Nov 13 12:00:39 PST 1998

Good afternoon, Hi Pug

I will scan and send you the material I have but it will be early next week.
The name is Zorcon but many refer to me as Zork for short. Y'all have a safe

In service now and in the future, Zorcon of Lizardkeep

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> Good Morning,
>   I'm curious to find out if Zarkon of Lizardkeep is on the list. (I
>   hope I spelt it right.) He had a sample sheet that he used to help
>   educate people quickly, so I'm curious to find out if he could post it
>   here for us to work from.
>   If he's not on the list, can someone who knows how to get ahold of
>   him forward this?
>   Thanks!
> Ciao,
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