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Fri Nov 20 15:07:14 PST 1998

X-mas time is coming, and I'm trying to make a list of gift ideas to
distribute to my relatives and friends.  I've been brewing beer for about two
years, but all of it has been (to my knowledge) modern recepies and modern
styles.  I've made some really tasty stuff, but I can't document peroid
origins of any of it.  What I want for X-mas are books and recepies for
documentable peroid brews  (beer, not mead).  I have the book "The English
Housewife" and I've already asked for "A Sip Through Time."  What other books
can I ask for?  Where could I find peroid recepies?

Thanks for your help
Oxlade Lachlan MacKinnon 
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