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Sat Nov 21 07:55:19 PST 1998

OxladeMac at wrote:
> X-mas time is coming, and I'm trying to make a list of gift ideas to
> distribute to my relatives and friends.  I've been brewing beer for about two
> years, but all of it has been (to my knowledge) modern recepies and modern
> styles.  I've made some really tasty stuff, but I can't document peroid
> origins of any of it.  What I want for X-mas are books and recepies for
> documentable peroid brews  (beer, not mead).  I have the book "The English
> Housewife" and I've already asked for "A Sip Through Time."  What other books
> can I ask for?  Where could I find peroid recepies?

You might check out _The Ale Trail_ by Roger Protz.  It has a lot of
information about the history of ale and the historical and period
practices that were used during the times we re-create.  I just got it
and I'm finding it very interesting reading.

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