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THE SIMPLE SORT OF PEOPLE (From The Jewel House of Art and Nature,
by Sir Hugh Platt, 1594.) 
    74 The making of a Bragget, which is manie times mistaken for a 
Muskadell by the simple sort of people. Put one part of smal Alewoort 
that is blood warm with one part of clarified Honie according to the 
maner set downe num. 75 but put no Cloues therein in the clarifying. For 
the making of one Hogesheade of this Bragget which is aboute 63. 
Gallons, you must take nine Gallons of this clarified Honie, and 54 
gallons of strong new ale: when your clarified hony hath stood one day, 
then mingle tha same with your newe Ale in a Hogshead, first filling 
your Hogshead halfe full before you put in your honie, and then hang 
this aromaticall composition following in a long slender bag in the 
midst of the vessell vz. of Cinamon three ounces: ginger three ounces, 
greins 3. ounces, colianders one ounce, cloues one ounce, nutmegs one 
ounce, long pepper halfe an ounce, Cardamomum one ounce and a halfe, 
liquerice one ounce, then fil up the vessell almost full with the rest 
of the new ale (yet some commend rather the putting in of the spices 
confusedlie then in a bag) bee sure to haue foure or fiue gallons or 
more of the same newe ale, to fill up the hogshead as it purgeth ouer 
continuallie. There is a lesser hole neere the bunghole in beere 
hogsheads, which must stand open whilest it purgeth, you mus also be 
carefull in the beginning to giue some little vent to the hogshead 
whilst it worketh: in three or foure moneths, it will bee readie to 
drinke. You must haue a hazell sticke of the bignesse of a good cudgell, 
so great as may well enter in at the round bung-hole and when your 
hogshead is about three quarters full, put in this stick, being sawed 
crosswise at the end about one cubite in length, (the Vintners call it 
their parrelling staffe) as the aptest toole for this purpose. Beat with 
the said staffe the new ale and the honie togither a good prettie whilem 
& when you haue finished this agitation, fill up the vessel wiht the 
rest, and let it purge as before. If you finde your muscadell too 
thicke, after it hath stood 3. or 4. monethes, you may take a cane or 
pipe, made of Tinne plates, that will reach into the midst of the 
hogshead or somewhat more, stop the ende thereof and make some holes in 
the sides, and with a funnell you may poure more newe ale into the Cane, 
and so make it thinner. This Cane is an apt instrument to conueie any 
liquor or composition into a vessell of wine without troubling of the 
same, or turning uppe the lees, wherby you may draw the same fine 

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