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Pug Bainter pug at
Tue Oct 6 15:34:46 PDT 1998

Good Morning one and all,

  Laurel's Prize Tourney (LPT) is just around the corner. It is only a
  month away right now.

  If you don't have your Letter of Intent to display in, please get it
  in ASAP. A Letter of Intent will help ensure you a display area, as well
  as to help meet any special requirements that you might need. It does
  not mean that you *have* to display, but if you don't send it it, you
  are not guaranteed to be able to display. Your Letter of Intent should
  include your SCA and mundane name, your address and phone number, and
  a brief description of the type of entry and amount of space needed
  (1/2 table or whole table).

  Those individuals in the Kingdom that are wishing to display alcoholic
  beverages at LPT should contact Philip White for details. This will
  help ensure that you are allowed to display, as well as hopefully give
  you further information regarding any preparations that might need to
  be taken with regards to your displays.

  Letters of Intent should be sent to Mistress Reginlief Ragnarsdotter
  at terryharper at

  Inquiries regarding alcoholic entries should be sent to Philip at
  philipwhite at

  I hope to see all of you there, as well as at the Brewing Roundtable.
     (More details on the roundtable will be forth coming.)

In service,

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