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Sat Oct 10 12:13:06 PDT 1998

Good Morning,

  At Laurels' Prize Tourney, 11/7/98, there will be a round table
  discussion regarding brewing and vintning within this Kingdom. I will
  be but one of the members of the panel that will be guiding the

  The reason for this missive is to find out an approximation of how
  many people feel they will be attending this round table at LPT. Since
  I will be making copies for it, I want to make sure I have enough
  without it being excessive.

  For those who are interested, the discussions, given time, will be on:

  1) Judging of brewing, vintning and cordialing within Ansteorra.
  2) The Laws of the Society, the USA, Oklahoma and Texas.
  3) Discussion of a Kingdom-wide guild and/or other resources and
     methods to assist brewers/vintners.
  4) Open discussion.

  I thank you for your time and consideration in responding to my

In Service,

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  Note: The views do not reflect the SCA nor the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
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