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If you're not the least interested in beekeeping, I'll just buzz off, and
you needn't read any farther.  Otherwise, read on, this may be of interest
to you.

I have been thrice asked in as many days about honey, bees, and mead, and
even been offered the acquaintance of another apiarist (the which I am not
currently but may very well be again in a year or two) (by the name of
'Ercadh', to which I send greetings, by way of "Bet").

This starts me thinking, a dangerous sort of pass-time, to be sure.  What
others in the Society, not just here in the Midrealm but all over the
Knowne World, might be similarly inclined?

In short, would anyone be interested in a list for the Society bee-keepers?
 The history of Apiarism is quite ancient and always fascinating (at least
to me).

I have set up a list, to which any may subscribe, at 

the-buzz at

It may be subscribed to by sending mail to

majordomo at

with no subject (it is ignored) and a message of 

subscribe the-buzz

or to 

the-buzz-request at

with the message (and no subject)


(The 'end' part is to keep any signature blocks or automatic annoyances
(such as those tacked on by hotmail or juno) from confusing the poor list
server, which would cause it to generate a "help" message back to you,
which might (or might not) confuse _you_.  Majordomo is handy, free, but
not too terribly bright....)

If the people want it, they will subscribe.  (If you build it, they will
come?)  If it is not of interest, well, then it will die of it's own
accord.  Please allow a few days for enough folks to get on-board to
generate some traffic.  It will take some time to get enough list members,
even if it is a viable list topic.  Send a greeting to the list when you
are subscribed, and then if nothing appears, try again in a couple of days.

I will see if there is a reliable digest generator, so that those who wish
can subscribe to it.  (So far, the one I have is not usable under sendmail
8.9, which is annoying, to be sure.  Dafydd?  Any suggestions here?  Or
better yet, a pointer to a PERL 5 script that works well?????)

Feel free to cross-post this to any Society folk, or to other list servers
where it would not be inappropriate or annoying.

In Service To The Dreamers,
Eoin Caimbeul, Dubhspirag
College of St. Michael and All Angels
Shire of Far Reaches
The Midrealm
Mundanely Known As Wes Will

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