BVC - ANST - LPT and Alcohol

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Sun Oct 18 21:12:51 PDT 1998


I am happy to announce that alcohol will be permitted to be judged at 
this years Laurel's Prize Tourney.  I would also like to thank 
everyone who has patiently awaitted this news.

  Artisans please take these requirements into consideration so that 
you can plan appropriatly.
  The alcohol display will be completly seprate from all other 
display, in a seperate room.  Judging will for an one hour period, 
with a half hour before and after the display to transport your 
alcohol from the car to the site.  Alcohol will be only avalable for 
judges (meaning the laurels) and should not be distributed for other 
than sampeling.  Alcohol should not otherwise exchange hands.   Also, 
please send in a letter of intent to the following address:

  Craig Shupee'
  1101 Thornbush Cir South
  Arlington TX, 76013
  philipwhite at 

Again I would like to thank everyone for their patience and remind 
artisans to plan their displays with these requirements in mind.  Feal 
free to address comments or questions at the above address or at 

Your Servant to Command,

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