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Tyrca said something that sounded like:
> Everything I know about mead I learned from Barat.  His web-page is at:
> and he is very thorough in everything he does (almost anally so).  If
> you have any further questions after you read his loads of
> information, he will correspond with you for that.  This what you are
> looking for?

Then Philip said something that sounded like:
> Here are some brewing URLs:

In addition to these, I would like to add:

This includes the start of a brewing handbook that will be discussed at
Ansteorra's upcoming Laurels Prize Tourney (LPT).

The handbook is just a start and will be flushed out over time. It
includes topics such as starting equipment, simple terms, example recipes
for different styles, some law references, starting a guild, on-line
references including Kingdom guilds, etc. This handbook is trying to be
written to help the newcomer to the art, as well as those dabbling in
different varieties.

Suggestions and comments in private are more than welcome on the start
of this endeavor.

As for actual teaching, styles vary between people so heavily, I
wouldn't even try to assist there.

If you need specific help, you can try the bvc at list, which
is for Brewers, Vintners and Cordialers. As well, please stop at the
round table that is supposed to happen at Ansteorra's LPT November
7th. There will be hand-outs in addition to discussions.

P.S. Thanks to Baroness Clarissa for pointing out this thread to me.

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