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Mon Oct 19 14:03:28 PDT 1998

Gunthar said something that sounded like:
>> Haven't done this yet tho I do think it is time to do so. What about it guys?
>> Time to get our 'stuff' togther and see if we can get the law changed?
> I'll send a note to Their Majesties today and see if they are agreeable to this.

I don't know that Their Majesties are who you need to convince. The
Kingdom Seneschal's office is the one responsible for legal decisions
within Ansteorra. (Glad I'm not responsible!) Although it may help (and
is required) to have Their Majesties on the same side to change a Law,
you might want to discuss the legal aspects of the decision before
involving them.

As for the Kingdom law regarding alcohol, I don't see it as a limitation
to those of use doing brewing and vintning within the Kingdom. I feel
that a group or individual should be able to sponsor their own
activities. If they require assistance from the group, then they need to
rethink the activity they have chosen.

For those who don't know the law, it reads:

IX. 1. 2. 6. No funds from any SCA, Inc. account may be used to purchase
  ethyl (human consumable) alcohol for any reason. Nor can equipment and/or
  supplies be purchased that are intended to be used to make ethyl (human
  consumable) alcohol.


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