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Tue Oct 20 05:29:57 PDT 1998

Dennis J Dolan (djdolan at said something that sounded like:
> >For those who don't know the law, it reads:
> >IX. 1. 2. 6. No funds from any SCA, Inc. account may be used to purchase
> >  ethyl (human consumable) alcohol for any reason. Nor can equipment and/or
> >  supplies be purchased that are intended to be used to make ethyl (human
> >  consumable) alcohol.
> I agree with the law as written and see no reason to change it and
> several reasons not to change it.

I must agree and I've stated as such to the Kingdom Seneschal since he
was concerned I might be trying to change Kingdom Law with regards to
alcohol. My investigations into law and the sort are to help educate
myself, and hopefully others while I'm at it.

The law and policy regarding alcohol, from a brewers point of view, are
very reasonable. I fear that *if* we push them to change, it will be for
the worse anyway.

I am not a lawyer nor an expert.


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