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On 19 Oct 98, at 15:54, Pug Bainter wrote:

> Tyrca said something that sounded like:
> > Everything I know about mead I learned from Barat.  His web-page is at:
> > and he is very thorough in everything
> > he does (almost anally so).  If you have any further questions after you
> > read his loads of information, he will correspond with you for that. 
> > This what you are looking for?
> Then Philip said something that sounded like:
> > Here are some brewing URLs:
> >
> >
> >
> In addition to these, I would like to add:
> This includes the start of a brewing handbook that will be discussed at
> Ansteorra's upcoming Laurels Prize Tourney (LPT).
> The handbook is just a start and will be flushed out over time. It
> includes topics such as starting equipment, simple terms, example recipes
> for different styles, some law references, starting a guild, on-line
> references including Kingdom guilds, etc. This handbook is trying to be
> written to help the newcomer to the art, as well as those dabbling in
> different varieties.
> Suggestions and comments in private are more than welcome on the start of
> this endeavor.
> As for actual teaching, styles vary between people so heavily, I
> wouldn't even try to assist there.
> If you need specific help, you can try the bvc at list, which
> is for Brewers, Vintners and Cordialers. As well, please stop at the round
> table that is supposed to happen at Ansteorra's LPT November 7th. There
> will be hand-outs in addition to discussions.
> P.S. Thanks to Baroness Clarissa for pointing out this thread to me.
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noted in this weeks Chronicle that the "Austin Brewers Festival" will be 
held November 07 & 08 in Waterloo Park (Austin).  admission is free, the 
music is live ...


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