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Mon Oct 26 18:09:23 PST 1998

Lord Ras previously stated something that sounded like:
>> As an aside, those members residing in Pennsylvania will be happy to note that
>> as of 2 or 4 months ago, you not only are allowed to home produce 200 gallons
>> of wine per adult person per year privately without permit but you are also
>> now allowed to brew an additional 200 gallons of beer, ale or other malt
>> beverages per adult person without permit.

The non-observent, dense Pug then stated something that sounded like: 
> One of the things I have not figured out is if the BATF guidelines of
> limitations superceed those states that have made the limitation *laxer*
> instead of stricter. I know you can make things stricter, but don't know
> if you can make them more lenient.

Well after getting a response from the BATF, and reading their guidelines
closely, Pennsylvania is honoring the Federal guidelines to a T.

The guidelines clearly state 200 gallons of beer and 200 gallons of
wine. They do not appear to cross over to only 200 gallons at any
point. This is an interpretation Texas has chose to make.

This is assuming there are 2 people in the "household".

Tomorrow I will be calling the ATF, since the Regulations person who
answered my questions gave me their number to clarify any issues. The
issues remaining are:

1) What's a "household" since this is not in their definitions? (ie. A
   domicile/house or the IRS tax definition)
2) Can the states make the regulations more lenient? Since Oklahoma ABLE
   and Texas ABC stated their 200 gallon limitation on wine/cider (/beer
   in Texas) is such that 2 unmarried adults can make 400 gallons, this
   is a concern.

The letter from the BATF implies that the states can only make the
regulatoins stricter, but doesn't not clearly say so.


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