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Tue Oct 27 14:37:24 PST 1998

Christina (magdlena at said something that sounded like:
> See my above complaint.  I want to show off my vinting skills, or I'd've
> scrapped my wine too.  LPT is suppossed to be a format to accentuate
> an artisan's depth of skills through a body of work.  This one is set
> up to force people to choose between alcohol, static, and 2 types of
> performance.  Most people are going to choose static where they can show
> off more than one art form.

I talked with Philip, and he posted the schedule. Although it does not
accomodate everyone, it does allow people to display static and alcohol.
The only issue may arise for those people displaying alcohol and doing
performance. As well, it appears their may be issue with people doing
performance and static, but they may accomidate for that.

This means there is no need for you to "scrap" the rest of your display.
They will unfortunately be seperate bodies of work though.

> Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that a lot of people
> haven't been paying attention to the rules.  I imagine a number of people
> who do casual brewing are planning to put out a bottle and haven't
> realised they have to notify Philip, or haven't gotten around to it.
> How many people have sent in a letter of intent at all?  Do we know?

I heard rumor that there were about 50 or so letter's of intent with
only 5 of those mentioning alcohol. I have heard from one other
individual today who is planning on displaying after a private
discussion. (Yea!!)

To be honest, I don't know if everyone listed if they were doing a body
that included alcohol, or only those that were doing primarily alcohol.

It seems odd to me that there are only 6 people planning on attending
LPT that are displaying alcohol. I know there are more brewers, vintners
and cordialers in the Kingdom than that.

We may just have to see who shows up with it.


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