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Bill Osterheim Polydore at
Tue Oct 27 17:04:06 PST 1998

Pug Bainter wrote:
> Good Morning,
>   This is a friendly reminder that Laurel's Prize Tourney is only 1 1/2
>   weeks away. Are all of you ready for your display? Are you ready for
>   the brewing round table?
>   I've only heard from 5 people that they are attending. As well, I heard
>   there were very few people who were doing any alcohol displays at all.
>   What's up? Why aren't people displaying? What can we do to encourage
>   people to do more?
> In Service,
> --
> Phelim "Pug" Gervase 

While I have nothing ready to display (way toooo early for this summer's
crop of wine to be ready), except one batch of wine (my first!) and some 
kit beers (personal privilidge here - I won't enter a beer unless I make 
it from raw ingredients). Perhaps I should consider the wine. Hmmm. OK
Now, quick, I need documentation! (grin!)

I do intend to be at the brewing roundtable, in fact, it is one of the
main reasons for me to be there.

See you there!


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