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Bill Osterheim Polydore at
Tue Oct 27 20:43:59 PST 1998

Pug Bainter wrote:
> Bill Osterheim (Polydore at said something that sounded like:
> > While I have nothing ready to display (way toooo early for this summer's
> > crop of wine to be ready), except one batch of wine (my first!) and some
> > kit beers (personal privilidge here - I won't enter a beer unless I make
> > it from raw ingredients).
> Although a valient effort, how far do you take that? 

Hmmmm. Just how much land do I need for a bushel of oats? Wheat?
Just Kidding!!!! I'm perfectly willing to buy grains already ground
or crushed. I want to do my own roasting, etc. Sugars? Depends...
I have a couple of ales/beers that I use honey in. I'm not very fond
of hoppy things. I need to experiement a bit more.
> I've read some period styles of mashing grain and what not, that I know
> my lady wouldn't let me get away with, let alone would I want to put up
> with the smell that long.

Heh. No lady here. I seem to be what they won't put up with! 

> > Perhaps I should consider the wine. Hmmm. OK
> > Now, quick, I need documentation! (grin!)
> This is what I'm doing. I have a wine that was starte only about 8
> months ago. It is just bottled a week ago. My reason for entering it is
> that it is my first attempt at a wine, and I did a side-by-side
> experiment with a pyment at the same time.
> Finding all the documentation for things I'd like to make sure to
> mention was more difficult that I thought at first.
> When was glass bottles with corks first used for wines? This has sent me
> running all over the 'net and through different reference areas to
> figure out. I *think* I have the answer for my documentation now.
I'm not nearly so fussy. The *bottle* is not what I am entering, or
it would be over in the arts section under glass blowing. (grin)
Anything above documentating the ingredients in the wine, and that 
they were used to make same, makes it a documentation entrance, rather 
than a wine entrance. My opinion again...I applaud your efforts, and
look forward to seeing your documentation.

> > I do intend to be at the brewing roundtable, in fact, it is one of the
> > main reasons for me to be there.
> I'm glad to hear that! I truly hope that I've set it up to be
> informative as well as productive for us all.
> Ciao,
> 	Pug

See you there!

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