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Wed Oct 28 05:19:52 PST 1998

Bill Osterheim (Polydore at said something that sounded like:
> > Although a valient effort, how far do you take that? 
> Hmmmm. Just how much land do I need for a bushel of oats? Wheat?

More than I have in my backyard. *grin*

> Just Kidding!!!! I'm perfectly willing to buy grains already ground
> or crushed. I want to do my own roasting, etc. Sugars? Depends...

We have only done a couple all-grain batches, and then they were all
pre-roasted. I am planning on doing more of this "real soon now".

> I have a couple of ales/beers that I use honey in. I'm not very fond
> of hoppy things. I need to experiement a bit more.

I have not yet tried to make braggots or honey ales/beers.

This is another one of my goals for this winter after LPT since I *should*
have the time.

> Anything above documentating the ingredients in the wine, and that 
> they were used to make same, makes it a documentation entrance, rather 
> than a wine entrance. My opinion again...I applaud your efforts, and
> look forward to seeing your documentation.

Well it's not that exciting since most of it is a line or two on what
things I did that are not "period". Such as for my wine I used a
concentrate this time since it was my first attempt. There are other
tidbits of information in there, but certainly not a research effort.


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