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>    If I do a booze display and the round table, I will not be able to be
>at the
>rest of my display for almost the entire afternoon.  I'm debating
>scrapping the
>rest of my display, since I'll be able to attend it for possibly as much as 3
>whole hours.  I suspect that most people made the other choice and
>scrapped their

	We are trying to set up the displays so that the Artisians do not
stay all day at their table but have a chance to move around and look at
what others are currently doing.  It is conceivable that we can place you
to where you may be at your static display in the morning and then go into
the area that is being used for brewing and roundtable.... When I go
through the Letters of Intent tonight and find the exact total of brewers
it may be that the whole brewing commentary won't last long and the
roundtable won't last as long as originally thought.  (Since I wrote this
Philip has posted a basic explanation on how the static arts are working
out. So there is a sort of accomodation for as many people as possible. )

>    See my above complaint.  I want to show off my vinting skills, or I'd've
>scrapped my wine too.  LPT is suppossed to be a format to accentuate an
>depth of skills through a body of work.  This one is set up to force people to
>choose between alcohol, static, and 2 types of performance.

	Your above remarks lead me to think that you believe it was done on
Are you sure that you are not using this as an excuse not to display?
Others seem to not like it but are making adjustments.    None of the
Autocrats and none of the Laurels are particularly pleased with this plan.
It was a result of compromise with the University of Texas at Arlington who
normally doesn't allow any alcohol...  Please remember that the Laurels who
look and have expertise in brewing also have to go to an effort to try to
cover this area and other areas they have to look at as well.  Also as I
type this (Tuesday afternoon) the tenative schedule is out and they are
trying to make allowances for individuals involved in brewing.  Both the
Brewers Roundtable  and the Kingdom Eisteddfydd were added after the fact.
Some of the autocrats would have perferred not to have any other additional
meetings and such but autocrats rarely get their way in all things in
regards to events.  As for forcing people, many events have multiple
activities that force you to choose to do one and not the other.  the
recent Baronial event had that with the games in conflict with the Heavy
weapons tourney.  Many times meetings are set up so that other people who
choose not to go to the meeting will have other activities.  Nothing annoys
me more that having to sit around and wait on a few people who are having a
meeting and the majority aren't.  Also keep in mind that many sites that we
use are becoming dry sites and large sites that allow alcohol are getting
trickier and trickier to negociate.  Perhaps now that the schedule has been
set you will reconsider displaying.

	  How many people have sent in a letter of intent at all?  Do we know?

	Since I was gven the task to do the Letters of Intent for the
Artisians, I have entered over 100 letters of Intent.   I will be sending
letters of confirmation over the next few days to everyone to let them know
the letters were received.   I was given this task only about a week ago
and the person who was doing it earlier had to drop out due to mundane
reasons.   100 Letters is pretty good since about 50 to 75 more people will
probably show up and not have sent one in.

 	It is easy to feel that events are not going the way you think they
should.  I think this is part of the "I know I can do it better"  line of
thought.  Many times there are problems and situations that the populace
hasn't a clue about.  In this case, this event has had some and everyone
have been slowly fixing things.  this is perfectly normal for any event.

	Laurel's Prize Tourney was set up, not as a competition, but as a
chance to develop dialog between Laurels and artisians.  We encourage works
in progress,  questions anything as long as it's a one on one conversation
with two or three people who, hopefully, share the same interest.  It would
be a shame to think that because of one inconvenience people have chosen
not to interact with each other.

	A survey will be offered to artisians and Laurels alike to make
constructive commentary on the event.

	If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Clare RosMuire St. John, OP, OL, Baroness
Laurel Liaison and part time brewer

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