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Wed Oct 28 09:18:36 PST 1998

N.D.Wederstrandt wrote:

>      (Since I wrote this
> Philip has posted a basic explanation on how the static arts are working
> out. So there is a sort of accomodation for as many people as possible. )

I like the new schedule much better.  It works.

>   This one is set up to force people to
> >choose between alcohol, static, and 2 types of performance.
>         Your above remarks lead me to think that you believe it was done on
> purpose.

    Yes and no.  I don't think that anyone went out of their way to make it hard on
me.  ;>   I do think that LPT is typical of a growing trend for major A&S
competitions to forget about/ignore brewing and vinting.  As far as I know, we were
an after-thought.  I applaud Phillips's juggling that makes it possible for me to
display both my vinting and my static without neglecting one for the other.  I do,
however, object to being forgotten in the first place, again.
    Also, my original point was in reference to Pug's question about why people are
not planning to display booze.  If my alcohol wasn't an integral part of my
display, I'd scrap it as too much trouble.  If we truly haven't gotten many alcohol
entries, that is my guess as to why.

> Are you sure that you are not using this as an excuse not to display?

Positive.  ;>  I want commentary, and I want to show off.  With the new schedule I
only have to neglect my static for 1 to 2 hours if I want to to do the Round Table,
which is extraneous to the event and therefore my own darn fault.  So I'm
definitely displaying.

> Others seem to not like it but are making adjustments.

Some people are dropping their alcohol, some people are dropping their static, some
people are resigned to doing a half-way job on one or the other.  I have chosen to
be vocal about not liking it.

> It was a result of compromise with the University of Texas at Arlington who
> normally doesn't allow any alcohol...

    It's a great compromise.  I can, and will, work with it.  Why do we have to
have it in the first place?

>   Both the
> Brewers Roundtable  and the Kingdom Eisteddfydd were added after the fact.
> Some of the autocrats would have perferred not to have any other additional
> meetings and such but autocrats rarely get their way in all things in
> regards to events.

    Trust me, I understand.  ;>  Though I thought that the Eisteddfydd was
scheduled to be at this event every year?

> As for forcing people, many events have multiple
> activities that force you to choose to do one and not the other.  the
> recent Baronial event had that with the games in conflict with the Heavy
> weapons tourney.  Many times meetings are set up so that other people who
> choose not to go to the meeting will have other activities.

Yep.  I'm choosing the Round Table over my static.  I do/did object to having to
choose between a static art and a static art.

>   Also keep in mind that many sites that we
> use are becoming dry sites and large sites that allow alcohol are getting
> trickier and trickier to negociate.

Then that's something to consider when putting in a bid for KA&S/LPT.  Sites that
allow alcohol tastings and have space for both static tables and performers.

>            Since I was gven the task to do the Letters of Intent for the
> Artisians, I have entered over 100 letters of Intent.

Cool!  I'd heard dreadful rumors that we only had about 30.

>   I was given this task only about a week ago
> and the person who was doing it earlier had to drop out due to mundane
> reasons.

Do you need help?

>          Laurel's Prize Tourney was set up, not as a competition, but as a
> chance to develop dialog between Laurels and artisians.  We encourage works
> in progress,  questions anything as long as it's a one on one conversation
> with two or three people who, hopefully, share the same interest.  It would
> be a shame to think that because of one inconvenience people have chosen
> not to interact with each other.

    This is my point of view.  LPT is my chance, as an artisan, to show off the
depths and shallows of all of my skills, and to get helpful suggestions on what to
do and where to go next.  In splitting off brewing, my body of work becomes 2 very
shallow displays, neither of which accurately reflects me.    Right now, I want and
need commentary on my vinting more than I want it on the rest of my static, and my
priorities relect that.  The question for me was whether I wanted to set up a
display that I couldn't/wouldn't be at for most of the day.  I can't expect the
Laurels to hop to my convenience and I value verbal comments more than written.  As
the schedule stands, I am planning to display both parts of my static.

>         If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime.



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