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Fri Oct 30 09:14:35 PST 1998

Good Morning,

  The Bryn Gwlad Brewers' Guild will meet the second Monday this month.
  That will be November 9th at 7 PM.

  The reason for this move is the fact that we will be discussing
  anything that comes out of Laurel's Prize Tourney. This includes the
  Round Table, as well as the displays. This will hopefully give us an
  opportunity to see what other brewers do as far as display,
  documentation, etc., to have a better concept of what will happen at

  Anyone who would like to help is welcome to show up!

  Here is a map to help you find your way. It's no way near to any known

  ||                                            ||        .
  ||                                            ||        |\
  ||B               A ||X        |W             ||L     N |
  ||u               rS||---------|o             ||a       |
  ||r               re||Choquette|o             ||m
  ||n               oc||         |d             ||a
  ||e               yo||         |r             ||r
  ||t               o ||         |o             ||
  ||                  ||         |w             ||
  ||                  ||         |              ||
                    Keonig / 2222                  -> To I-35

  The address is 1502 Choquette. The phone number is 323-9722.

  I hope to see you there! (Yes, I know some of you far away can't make it!)


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