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 Jin Liu Ch'ang said:

>>1)  What caused the sharp increase in books on the art >of brewing and
>>beer/ale/wine making in the middle to >the end of the 17th century?
>The increasing availability of the printing press and cheaper paper?
	Was this the reason why the Age of Reason and the whole scientific
bend started?  What about the big increase in the Botannic Sciences during
the latter part of the 16th and  17th centuries? They were the result of
the expansion and Discovery and Rediscovery of the bigger world.   I would
tend to think this may have pushed the brewing books more towards
prominence.  The printing press had been out for a while and mass market
books were available in Italy as early as the late 15th - early 16th
century.  Most of the first books were not scientific in nature.    For me
personally, I think it's too easy an answer to say the printing
>>2) Since women in the Middle Ages were the primary >brewers -- why aren't
>>more women in the SCA >interested in brewing?  What prompted this
>>>disinterest?  Is brewing in the SCA truly a "MAN's" >Activity? (grin)
>I believe that beer is more of a "man's" drink now than in the Middle Ages
>where everyone including children drank beer (or ale) with every meal
>including breakfast (with the possible exception of the rich who drank
>wine).  For that reason, brewers may be more likely to be male.
	That's true given beer but what about the wine and meads....  true
most of the woman in the Sca tend to lean more towards wines, liqueurs and
meads.  There are less women brewers in Ansteorra than fingers on my

To be truthful, speaking as one who is equally at home with non-SCA
homebrewers, the fraction of brewing and vintning by women in the SCA is
orders of magnitude higher than that outside the SCA.  One needs only to go
to a non-SCA homebrewing competition to find that out.
	That's also interesting...... Especially since the new Gallo ad
shows a daughter of the Gallo family talking about wines.......

The only women at such activities tend to be the significant others of male
homebrewers.  If we lived further north where fruits and berries were more
common, we may would see more women as vintners.
	Is that true?  I know Isabella or ork, who has been posting
recently on this list is from the Eastern area.   Are there more brewers in
the Northern part of the US who are brewers.  Is Ansteorra, unusual for the
amount of brewers.  Personally I don't think so since Isabella mentioned
she was happy to talk to another female brewer (during Gulf War)  How many
Brewers are in Ansteorra that are female?
	Damaris, Madgalena, Sosha,  and erratic ole me are all I can think
of and I'm sure I left some off........And these are brewers not
cordiallers.... that would change the picture.
Have I left any out?   One problem I see is that I personally have trouble
with the carboys and the weight but I don't think that's a big problem I
brew smaller batches if needed or go find Pug or tuhtahl.....(grin)  Read
servant  in period (duck, clare)
>I wish more women were interested in brewing and vintning.
	So do I.  They offer a different perspective.  i like you guys fine
but it's not the same. (grin).

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