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That sounds awesome!!! 

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> I'm starting to go through the UT's Rare Book Collections and will be
>happy to post a listing of what books thay have housed over there.  A
>friend of mine works in the catalog area and he said they have some books
>that are not cataloged that he can get me in to look at.  The only problem
>with the UT Rare Books section is how restrictive the rules are.     You
>can only use pencil and note paper to take notes, no photcopying and highly
>restrictive hours (very little weekend access).  I'll list the books I can
>access and if anyone has info they want extracted I can maybe go in and
>lift notes from.
>They do have a lot of microfilmed rare books and we can get copies of
>those.....The cost will be somewhat high but worth it.
>If anyone is interested I'll post a Bibliography of brewing books.
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