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Fri Apr 2 13:33:08 PST 1999


>I never think to include vinegars since I don't know anyone actually 
>making them from scratch. Most people I know working in this area are 
>just adding flavorings to existing vinegars.

  I have unfortunately made one of the most delightful vinegars: black 
  raspberry.  Prior to that, it was one of my most cherished cordials. 
  It was most depressing, initially.  Of course, I was also threatened 
  by several cooks when I contemplated throwing it out.
  Basically, take most any fairly acidic wine or cordial, let it get 
  warm to hot, and let it get some air--old fashioned approach.  I 
  suppose I was lucky a mold didn't take up residence but the cordial 
  was about 120 proof.
  A more sterile approach is to get a vile of "mother of vinegar" which 
  has the appropriate microorganism.  Apply this to the substance in 
  question and wait. 
  NOTE:  I do not recommend the latter for a brewing household.  You 
  infect the house and you may well end up with NOTHING but vinegar.  
  The same goes for making cheese.  Some household hobbies are not 

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