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Christina magdlena at
Fri Apr 2 19:12:42 PST 1999

>         That's true given beer but what about the wine and meads....  true
> most of the woman in the Sca tend to lean more towards wines, liqueurs and
> meads.  There are less women brewers in Ansteorra than fingers on my
> hand......
>   How many
> Brewers are in Ansteorra that are female?
>         Damaris, Madgalena, Sosha,  and erratic ole me are all I can think
> of and I'm sure I left some off........And these are brewers not
> cordiallers.... that would change the picture.

> Have I left any out?

    If you don't count cordialers, those are the ones I know too. But, we're all
in the same barony, and we all show, so we know each other.  We're also part of
an active brewing community that supports showing off your beers/wines/etc.  I
know a great many people who either don't show, or only make a very occasional
batch.  It's entirely possible that there are another half dozen who we just
don't know about.

    I think that many cordialers are also cooks because of the process by which
a lot of people come to making cordials.  Either that liqueur you wanted for the
recipe was 20$ a bottle, or you had all that extra fruit from whatever, and so
you do something with it.  Cordialling also takes less equipment, and less

    Speaking of which, does anyone know what Glaslyn and Elfsea have in the way
of brewing communities? Am I going to be all alone in the world when I move?

> >I wish more women were interested in brewing and vintning.
>         So do I.  They offer a different perspective.  i like you guys fine
> but it's not the same. (grin).



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