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Sat Apr 3 16:35:08 PST 1999

Christina wrote:
> Hi y'all!
>     I'm thinking about buying a kegging system.  It would be convenient
> for events, and I want to try my hand at home-made sodas.  I'd like
> advice.  For instance, do I want the soda keg setup, or do I want a five
> gallon setup? soda keg do you mean the little party 1 1/2 gallon kegs that
sit in the refrigerator very easily?  I don't know much about them other
than I've heard people say that they leak.  I have no first hand
knowledge of it.  I would think it would be convenient if it worked.

Now I'm a little confused because the 5-gallon kegs _are_ old soda
kegs.  Anyway I have two of them.  When you buy "the system" you get a
rebuilt or new (depending on where you buy it from) soda keg, a 2 pound
CO2 bottle, a regulator,  hose and spigot connections, and picnic
faucet. I bought an extra keg for $20. You use the CO2 to pressurize the
keg to get the beer (in my case) out, whereas in a big keg(like you get
at the Party Barn), you have one of those hand pumps.  There are some
advantages to a CO2 bottle.  If you are in a hurry and need to carbonate
you can do it in about 20 minutes or overnight and you don't have to
prime it with priming sugar.  As far as convenient?  Well it is IF you
have a lot of people to help you drink it.  You have to keep the line
clean or you'll get skunky tasting beer after a while.  If it doesn't
get drunk up, then you get to carry home and store a half full keg. 
Five gallons is heavy to lug to events but hell, I'm Gunnora's packhorse
anyway.  The best part is that you don't have to wash and sanitize 50
bajillion bottles.  Just one keg.  You WILL need to get a dedicated beer
fridge if you go with the 5 gallon keg.  They just will NOT fit in a
with the shelves in it.  I pick mine up from a Greensheet for $50.

What's the difference from a users point of view?
> Anything else that I should know?

That's the difference as I see it.  I like having mine.  
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