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<< Could you send me a listing of your sources concerning guilds?  I am 
interrested and would like to read more.
 Ox >>

Sorry, I forgot to mention who/what this was in reference to.  Below is the 
original message:

Clare said:
<<But according to what I know on guilds in England, women could hold down
two independent guild memberships.  Their own, which seems to be including,
according to records, brewsters or brewers and they often married into a
guild through their husbands.  They had memberships in their husbands even
after his death, receiving full benefits.  Husbands, on the other hand,
weren't allowed to marry into their wives so there are often records of
Roger,so and so, grocer married to Betty Whosis, brewster.  I know of a
great many city legal issues that dealt with women and brewing....  So
while women didn't frequent taverns, they often ran them and/or brewed and
sold their brew legally. There seems to be records of more women who brewed
and sold it than men, until the legalization of hops in England, whereby
men started taking it over.  Woman, could be considered femmme de sole or
woman in their own right, in regards to their brewing.  (I guess this is
kinda beside the point sense I was curious why women don't brew more in the
SCA.  Historically, we are not being accurate (grin). Of course, I haven't
a clue what happened on the continent.....   >>
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