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Tonessa West-Crowe twest-crowe at
Mon Apr 5 06:55:20 PDT 1999

I am definitely interested.  Please let me know.


>>> "N.D. Wederstrandt" <nweders at> 04/02 8:33 AM >>>
 I'm starting to go through the UT's Rare Book Collections and will be
happy to post a listing of what books thay have housed over there.  A
friend of mine works in the catalog area and he said they have some
that are not cataloged that he can get me in to look at.  The only
with the UT Rare Books section is how restrictive the rules are.    
can only use pencil and note paper to take notes, no photcopying and
restrictive hours (very little weekend access).  I'll list the books I
access and if anyone has info they want extracted I can maybe go in
lift notes from.

They do have a lot of microfilmed rare books and we can get copies of
those.....The cost will be somewhat high but worth it.

If anyone is interested I'll post a Bibliography of brewing books.


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