BVC - women and brewing

Patrick Bureau pbureau at
Tue Apr 6 16:12:51 PDT 1999

Sounds like you need to meet more thunder clan ladies,
they brew 9 Some fine mead I learn to make from a Mistress Mazer,
 and they fight (some even made it to Queen (Eathenvelt (sp?))
and somes times when the men get tired, they are rowdier than men are
(laffs), Maybe that is just teh way teh western known world works...?

Patric de Long-Coeur
Burning Thunder
Ansteorra, Barony of Steppes

> As I said earlier, there are many woman in the East who are Brewsters.
> As a matter of fact, all of my current apprentices, who happen to be
> women, are brewsters, and excellent ones too.  I know of only one Master
> Brewer in the East who was a woman, Catarina Del Cavallo (she is now
> deceased).   This again may be due to politics.  (There has yet to be a
> woman Knight in the East,  forget the thought of having a woman be Queen
> by her own right.)
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