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Wed Apr 7 16:04:44 PDT 1999

Good Morning,

  There have been a couple ideas and issues that I thought to bring up

  The first is what do we want as a topic for a brewing Round Table? I
  figure it is a good idea to go in with at least a topic of focus. Are
  there any particular topics we should discuss? Do we want to mull
  about a Kingdom brewing/vintning newsletter? Do we want to mull over an
  annual Kingdom brewing/vintning competition? Etc.

  The second is that we have a problem that we've never had before. We
  have people who are going to be teaching the same classes. I know
  Tadhg and I are teaching a similar class although his is a lot more
  detailed than my overview which can work out nicely. Do we want to try
  and organize ourselves in order to keep the event steward sane? If
  so, I volunteer to do this with Oxlade's assistance since he is in
  Mooneschadow. (Welcome to volunteering Oxlade. *grin*)

  The third is that Oxlade has volunteered for there to be off-site
  brewing classes. This would allow for those people who want to to do
  more detailed stuff or questionable stuff under Oklahoma law. The
  problem with this is the fact that many of us may not be able to leave
  the site for these longer classes.

  The final thing is that I have mulled around, with others, the idea of
  doing a combination cooking and brewing collegium in the future. The
  problem with this type of thing is the setup you need to do it. We
  would basically need to borrow a cooking school with multiple kitchen
  facilities for a day. To cover our legal butt, it'd probably have to
  be in Texas somehwere. Does anyone know of any or perhaps leads in this
  direction? Do we even want to go that way? I assume that this would be
  a summer event to not conflict with the camping events. Unfortunately
  that throws out the majority of the outdoor cooking alternatives.

  I think that's enough things on the table for now.


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