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>Good Morning,
>  The second is that we have a problem that we've never had before. We
>  have people who are going to be teaching the same classes. I know
>  Tadhg and I are teaching a similar class although his is a lot more
>  detailed than my overview which can work out nicely. Do we want to try
>  and organize ourselves in order to keep the event steward sane? If
>  so, I volunteer to do this with Oxlade's assistance since he is in
>  Mooneschadow. (Welcome to volunteering Oxlade. *grin*)
	I would.  Considering the amount of info that could be taught == why don't
you see if the classes could be appraoached in a different manner......I'm
not sure what class you're both teaching.....
>  The third is that Oxlade has volunteered for there to be off-site
>  brewing classes. This would allow for those people who want to to do
>  more detailed stuff or questionable stuff under Oklahoma law. The
>  problem with this is the fact that many of us may not be able to leave
>  the site for these longer classes.
	Depends on where the class is when held off site and depends on what the
class is and when the class is.......Practically speaking a whole grain
brewing class would be good and that takes alot of time plus moving the
carboys, water, etc. is fraught with problems.....
>  The final thing is that I have mulled around, with others, the idea of
>  doing a combination cooking and brewing collegium in the future. The
>  problem with this type of thing is the setup you need to do it. We
>  would basically need to borrow a cooking school with multiple kitchen
>  facilities for a day. To cover our legal butt, it'd probably have to
>  be in Texas somehwere. Does anyone know of any or perhaps leads in this
>  direction? Do we even want to go that way? I assume that this would be
>  a summer event to not conflict with the camping events. Unfortunately
>  that throws out the majority of the outdoor cooking alternatives.
 	I believe that the cooks have a spot in Stargate that might work...  Also
I think a joint symposium/collegium would be a great idea.   We can start
looking for a place...  Contact meadhbh for the cook's symposium idea......


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