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Wed Apr 7 21:50:33 PDT 1999

<<  The second is that we have a problem that we've never had before. We
 >  have people who are going to be teaching the same classes. I know
 >  Tadhg and I are teaching a similar class although his is a lot more
 >  detailed than my overview which can work out nicely. Do we want to try
 >  and organize ourselves in order to keep the event steward sane? If
 >  so, I volunteer to do this with Oxlade's assistance since he is in
 >  Mooneschadow. (Welcome to volunteering Oxlade. *grin*)
 	I would.  Considering the amount of info that could be taught == why 
 you see if the classes could be appraoached in a different manner......I'm
 not sure what class you're both teaching..... >>

How about we publish outlines of what we want to go over?

The third is that Oxlade has volunteered for there to be off-site
>  brewing classes. This would allow for those people who want to to do
>  more detailed stuff or questionable stuff under Oklahoma law. The
>  problem with this is the fact that many of us may not be able to leave
>  the site for these longer classes.
>	Depends on where the class is when held off site and depends on what 
>class is and when the class is.......Practically speaking a whole grain
>brewing class would be good and that takes alot of time plus moving the
>carboys, water, etc. is fraught with problems.....

My house is about four miles North of the site.  

Without having seen the schedule for the college, let me make some 
assumptions, and suggest a class:

1)  Assume classes run in the morning and afternoon, ending around 4:00 - 
2)  Assume there is a break for some sort of pot luck dinner, followed by 
some sort of court/dancing, ect...  3) Assume us brewers would want to skip 
out on (probably boring) evening activities.  (Who wants to dance when you 
can brew!  Oh - I better look out - if other mooneschadine read this they'll 
kill me!!!)

I'd love to do a whole grain class.  However,  they generally take 6-7 hours, 
start to finish.  I could cut this down somewhat by having some of the prep 
work done prior to the class, and saving the cleanup for the next day, but it 
would still be 5+ hours.  If we start at 6:00, we could be done by 11:00.  If 
anyone had intended to day trip the event, this would be getting over kind of 
late.  If you had intended to stay over in Stillwater, it would be no problem.

My place is big enough that we could have at least two brewing sub-parties 
going on at the same time - that way we all don't get bored while we are 
waiting (most of the 5-7 hours in all-grain is waiting for things to happen.) 
 We could do a mead or and extract beer, or have another class while we are 
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