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Thu Apr 8 08:47:35 PDT 1999

Pug writes:

>>>>what do we want as a topic for a brewing Round Table?
Do we want to mull about a Kingdom brewing/vintning newsletter?<<<

Given the size of the community (at least from what I've seen) it certainly  
could support a newsletter, but only if everyone was committed to providing
content. It's certainly worth talking about.

>>>>Do we want to mull over an annual Kingdom brewing/vintning competition?<<

I think so.

I'd also like to see teaching discussed, so we can share information on
what works, what needs to be taught, problems, etc.

>>>>Do we want to try and organize ourselves in order to keep the event  
steward sane?<<<<

Heck no! If we do that, event stewards would start to expect it, and events  
might actually run smoothly. This would deprive us of stressed out stewards,
who are prime consumers of our products.

>>>>The final thing is that I have mulled around, with others, the idea of
doing a combination cooking and brewing collegium in the future.<<<<

That I'm all for. No leads on facilities as yet, but I'll look.

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