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Thu Apr 8 14:18:27 PDT 1999

     Greetings, all.
  >Do we want to mull about a Kingdom brewing/vintning newsletter? Do we 
  >want to mull over an annual Kingdom brewing/vintning competition? Etc.
     Mulling sounds good. On the newsletter, you might want to talk to 
     Master Corwin of Darkwater (Aethelmarc). He's been responsible for 
     SCUM for some years now...nice newsletter, lots of work.
     As for competition, <<YES>>.
  >Do we want to try and organize ourselves in order to keep the event 
  >steward sane? 
     <Novice Ansteorran question> 
     Is the steward responsible for organizing the classes and getting 
     instructors? If so, generally bad idea IMHO. That's rather like 
     expecting the autocrat to prepare the feast.
     As for lending aid, put together a cohesive class track. King's 
     College has 9 class hours available in 7 classrooms (assuming an hour 
     for lunch). Assuming we aren't greedy and only monopolize one room, 
     that's 9 classes. 
     A basic class covering everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) followed by 
     some more intense classes (intermediate to advanced) focusing in the 
     specific areas:  meads (long and short), wines, beers, and cordials. 
     Not counting any hands-on labs, I can see filling all 9 slots (and 
     Gunny groans out loud). Especially if you start balancing classes like 
     "The History of Wine" and "The Effects of Honey on Meads" against "The 
     Nuts & Bolts of Beer". Of course, there's always "To Boil or Not to 
     Boil:  The Essential Conflict" and "How to Make Mead WITHOUT A 
     Chemistry Set". Believe me, I've done this before...of course, I don't 
     know the specialists in this group. Pug, sounds like your job.
     Someone asked about my outline. The class notes from a couple of years 
     back are on the web:
  >The third is that Oxlade has volunteered for there to be off-site 
  >brewing classes. This would allow for those people who want to to do 
  >more detailed stuff or questionable stuff under Oklahoma law. The 
  >problem with this is the fact that many of us may not be able to leave 
  >the site for these longer classes.
     Two thoughts:
     What we do on that day is not really questionable with respect to 
     Oklahoma law (until we pitch the yeast). You can probably view that 
     particular action as intent. Of course, when it becomes alcoholic, its 
     beer (which is an Oklahoma no-no). But we'll be long gone by then. 8^)
     [I'm sure, teaching is covered by the First Amendment--Oklahoma or 
     I wouldn't recommend off-site classes. We want to encourage MORE folks 
     to participate. If we're off-site, we can't do that. It would be more 
     like a private party for the brewers...not always a bad idea... but 
     not for this event. Remember, we are here to spread the gospel.
  >The final thing is that I have mulled around, with others, the idea 
  >of doing a combination cooking and brewing collegium in the future. 
  >The problem with this type of thing is the setup you need to do it. 
  >We would basically need to borrow a cooking school with multiple 
  >kitchen facilities for a day. To cover our legal butt, it'd probably 
  >have to be in Texas somewhere. Does anyone know of any or perhaps 
  >leads in this direction? Do we even want to go that way? I assume that 
  >this would be a summer event to not conflict with the camping events. 
  >Unfortunately that throws out the majority of the outdoor cooking 
     I'm not sure I know why Oklahoma raises legal issues (see above). But 
     I DO think it's a lot easier to draw the whole kingdom if the college 
     is in a central location.
     Hope I didn't rant too much,
     ps. pug, i'm jealous. i had this job four or five years in atlantia... 
     and i miss it.

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