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>     As for lending aid, put together a cohesive class track. King's 
>     College has 9 class hours available in 7 classrooms (assuming an hour 
>     for lunch). Assuming we aren't greedy and only monopolize one room, 
>     that's 9 classes. 
>     A basic class covering everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) followed by 
>     some more intense classes (intermediate to advanced) focusing in the 
>     specific areas:  meads (long and short), wines, beers, and cordials. 
>     Not counting any hands-on labs, I can see filling all 9 slots (and 
>     Gunny groans out loud). Especially if you start balancing classes like 
>     "The History of Wine" and "The Effects of Honey on Meads" against "The 
>     Nuts & Bolts of Beer". Of course, there's always "To Boil or Not to 
>     Boil:  The Essential Conflict" and "How to Make Mead WITHOUT A 
>     Chemistry Set". Believe me, I've done this before...of course, I don't 
>     know the specialists in this group. Pug, sounds like your job.

I think this is a great idea.  It would mean deciding on a basic teaching
event template, but that could be hammered out fairly easily at the
Roundtable.  Since the basic class structure for the brewing track would
already outlined, you would only need to find instructors for each.

I like it  :)


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