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Fri Apr 9 06:12:31 PDT 1999

Patrick J. Cuccurello (pat at said something that sounded like:
> I think this is a great idea.  It would mean deciding on a basic teaching
> event template, but that could be hammered out fairly easily at the
> Roundtable.  Since the basic class structure for the brewing track would
> already outlined, you would only need to find instructors for each.

I actually don't think that would be that tough, except to find teachers
who are actually showing up for the event. Given enough notice, this is
usually not a problem though.

Btw, what are you teaching Petruccio? *grin*

So for the Round Table topics we have:

1) Teaching track "template" and general thoughts about teaching
2) Possible newsletter
3) Possible annual competition

I think that will easily take up an hour, if not more. (Not that I'm
saying we talk a lot or anything like that. *smile*)


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