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Christina Biles christina.biles at
Fri Apr 9 08:10:00 PDT 1999

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> I think this is a great idea.  It would mean deciding on a basic teaching
> event template, but that could be hammered out fairly easily at the
> Roundtable.  Since the basic class structure for the brewing track would
> already outlined, you would only need to find instructors for each.

Ummm...  I don't want to throw a damper, but I don't want to teach within a 
defined template, and I doubt that I'm the only one.  I think that having 
an all-day brewing classroom is great, and I like coordinating classes so 
that we don't overlap too much.  I would like to classify our classes as 
hands-on vs informational and beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  I like 
the vaguely chaotic method in which people volunteer to teach whatever 
classes they feel the urge to.  ;>  I guess I'm just an ardent 
individualist at heart.  ;>

I'm planning to teach "Weird Herbs in Medieval Brewing and Vintning" 
 (working title.....).   It's basically a tasting class.  I'm going to make 
up 3 billion tiny batches of small mead, each flavored with a different 
herb, spice, or fruit used in brewing, with examples of what the flavoring 
looks like in person.  Speaking of which, do any of y'all know where I can 
lay hands on clove-scented dianthus (aka clove gillyflower)?


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